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  • 1. Is there an annual fundraising drive which the Lodge and the ENF sponsors?

    Yes, each October is designated as the Elks National Foundation event/fundraising month. All Lodges hold a special event with the membership to raise funds for additional support of the programs.  

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  • 2. How can I support the Elks National Foundation (ENF) fundraising and donation efforts?

    There are many ways you can support the ENF Programs. Your donations and/or gifts can be sent directly to the Lodge Secretary or online, by mail, a recurring gift, matching gift or payroll deduction and a planned gift.

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  • 3. When we donate monies or fundraiser for the Elks National Foundation (ENF) what happens to the money?

    The (ENF) is the 501(c) (3) arm of the Elks Organization. The monies are invested in an endowment fund valued at over $600 million. There are more than 100,000 active donors. The ENF maintains administrative expenses of 7.5 percent of the overall spending, far below the industry standard of 35 percent for charitable organizations.

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  • 4. What is the money used for when returned back to the Lodge?

    The monies are used to support the ENF Mission to help Elks build stronger communities by investing in charitable projects nationwide. These programs include; Community Investment Program, State Elks Association Grants, Scholarship Program, Elks National Veterans Service Program, Elks Hoop Shoot Free Throw Contest, Elks Drug Awareness Program and the Elks Memorial Building Maintenance.      This year, the ENF allocated $9.77 million to fund the Community Investments Program, investing in Elks communities through grants for Elks Lodges. Community Investments Program grants—which include Beacon, Gratitude, Promise and Impact grants—offer your Lodge an opportunity to serve your community in ways that will raise the Lodge’s profile, energize the membership, encourage former members to return to the fold, and gain the notice of people who want to be part of an organization that’s doing great things.

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  • 5. Is there an Elks Scholarship for qualified children and grandchildren of Elks in good standing?

    Yes, the ENF Legacy Award Scholarship award is worth $4,000.00 ($1,000.00 per year) and awarded to 250 college bound high school seniors. The awards are highly competitive and applications reviewed from all eligible candidates. The eligibility requirements can be reviewed on the ENF website,  http://www.elks.org/enf/scholars/legacyfaq.cfm.

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  • 6. How can I get involved?

    STAY INFORMED – Sign up for Pulse our monthly e-newsletter, by visiting www.elks.org/enf. The Lodge also posts the latest and greatest ENF News on a bulletin board and in the brochure rack at the front desk.

    VOLUNTEER – Contact any Lodge Officer, Trustee or a Lodge Committee Chairperson. You can help by volunteering at a Lodge event, on a committee or as a committee chairperson. We have short term and long term committees which would benefit greatly by your assistance.

    GIVE BACK – When you donate to the ENF, your gift helps fund our programs, benefitting youth, veterans and Elks communities as you reach various giving levels, you’ll earn recognition benefits.

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